Sunday, September 20, 2009

Korea's 1st National Nail Compeition Opens!!

Day one of Judging; Floor Judgings all the way...

Check out the seating map, reminded me of the Japan License Examinations where there are thousands.
Each colored box seats 4 persons...

Here's me checking out my judging time slots.

Floor Judgings.... one after another.... hard working... 

Today is also the start of the nail service charity drive for World Vision.
Click to World Vision website:
Customers need to make bookings and can choose from a menu of 7 types of nail designs ranging from 20,000Won to 37,000Won.

Of course everyone is encouraged to give more, all service money collected goes to World Vision.

I contributed to the pot too!!

There was an empty slot before closing, thus did a set of design sculpture!

Usually, I dun allow anyone to touch my nails... coz too picky...haha.. But for charity, it doesn't really matter if it's nice or ugly.. I dun really care or picky on how it looks... everything is for charity! ^.^

It's an experience that everyone actually worked so hard to do nails to raise money to make a difference to the kids World Vision takes care of...

I mean every gal could have spend their weekend shopping or working in their salons. Earning money for their own pockets..

I see everyone rushing up and down looking for nail polish bottles, using their strength filing hard at those nail extensions without complaining..

I must admit, I'm sort of very touched... I guess, it's coz they are not getting any monetary return...

Maybe I'm too used to seeing so many in the industry aiming at fame,power & money, more power and money & admiration for their nail skills or "achievements"... it's touching to do nails for no returns except the fact of knowing that it can change a kid's future thru this action.. quite cool hur? You'll need to be doing this action to feel what I felt..haha.

I am wondering if such projects would work in Singapore? I seriously duno... LOL
Any the how, tomorrow is another long day and everyone's service appointments are booked full...

Would share how much we managed to raised..

More judging tomorrow!! ^.^

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