Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mid-Week Blog (Break Time!)

Had a short break so I'm going to do a proper blog post now. 

This week is the so-called "workshops" week, conducting workshops after workshops and guiding our students to master a themed nail art. On Monday, I had the Gellish Manicure Class, teaching the techniques and precautions of using gel polish and on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was totally immersed in teaching the Melody Pro Nail Art Class~

Hehes, it was an afternoon of 'kawai'. 

Of course, being featured in Japan's Nail Up! latest issue (Vol.58) has the highlight of the week for me too! My good friend from Japan, Ms. Eriko, and I did an interview together and I even brought her around Singapore! It was a rare "day-out" for me where I finally managed to truly enjoy Singapore. I thank God that the weather then was all sunshine and breezy!

Eriko has always been very passionate about nail art just like me and we would always text each other about nail trends in Japan or Singapore, exchanging ideas and tips. It is also why when I wanted an international judge to be present at our Pink Room Cup, Eriko was my first choice!

Read more about our interview below or you can grab a copy of the magazine at Shoppink Room, located at International Plaza #06-18.

Finally, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Open House next Monday! The previous one was really great and I got to meet ladies who are genuinely interested in nail art. There was even a lady from Indonesia, who committed to flying over to Singapore for half a year just to study with us! 

I am extremely touched and I vow that Pink Room do its best to train our students, xoxo. 

Well, it's only mid-week so I'm going to 'gungho' a bit more and push through till Saturday (Pink Room closes only on Sun)! Wishing strength and good luck to all those working hard on a Wednesday too!


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