Saturday, March 29, 2014

PinkRoom Jap Mag Feature + Melody Workshop + Nail Mag Subscriptions...

Every weekend, I like to look back and reflect on all that happened during the week. This Saturday, it won't be any different and here goes a long honest post before the weekend...


Firstly, my heart was so full with pride when Japan's popular NAIL ネイルUP! Nail Up Magazine featured us in their Vol. 57 (March issue)! Though I had already known of this coverage as their editorial team flew down to Pink Room's 10th Anniversary Pink Party Bash, it was truly exciting when I finally have the hard copy of the issue in my hands, reading and drinking in the words that talk about Pink Room & Japan TAT's collaboration... Most touching for me is that Pink Room is in our 10th year, and they covered our Pink Party Bash too!! ♡♡.

Here's a sneak peak of the English version which our design team translated. They were so excited and did our little own "English Nailup":

For those who are interested to see the original Japanese version Nailup, you can now grab a copy at Shoppink Room, located at International Plaza #06-18 (Tanjong Pagar MRT Exit C).


This coming 15th, 16th & 23rd April, 12pm - 6pm, I'll be conducting our most popular Melody Pro Nail Art Class!!

I would be teaching many various designs for the kawaii Melody character. With these nail art techniques I taught,  you gals would be able to create many many many types of cute Melody nailart with other accessories too!!

Ooooh...  It's really exciting fun!! In fact, I'm always excited for every seminar, nail class or workshops, because there's so much happy smiling faces, makes learning fun!

( Here's a sneak peek of our students happy faces at our previous Melody nailart class !)


This is a rather old news but I do want to share it with you guys. I've been in talks with our partners for a very long time before this collaboration is possible; so everyone can now have a copy of all Japan's most popular magazines in Singapore!

You can signup for their yearly subscriptions and have the magazines delivered to your doorsteps. This service is only available at the Shoppink Room.
♡ Link:

This month's latest issue of Nail Venus is out!!, Get your copy now~ it is available for sale at Shoppink Room and Kinokuniya stores:

I myself have paid and signed up for the yearly subscriptions, I'm really glad for this delivery service, before I had to travel all the way to the shops before able to get a copy.

Most times they are out of stock, disappointing~ I've always have a love for Japan's cute magazines, so much info! Now I can finally have them at the convenience of my own home  ^^)V


I barely had time to collect my thoughts and March is already coming to an end... I really do hope to get a break soon. I believe that with amply rest, I can refuel myself and bring Pink room to the next "pink" level. 

Nevertheless, I love creating more new techniques nailart and sharing this passion with everyone from all over and I will never stop doing this.

Happy Saturday girls, xox!

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