Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Do you girls still remember that i mentioned about being featured in the Japan's Nail Up? (If you don't: Well, it's out and here's the full story of my interview with TAT's president, Mr. Naoki Tanako:

Of course, this is not the original Japanese version, it's translated to English so it can be easier for you online prowlers to understand (just kidding). 

I remember being extra nervous that day as this interview could either make it, or break it. After going through so much discussion and negotiations, I really want TAT to be Shoppink Room's partner in terms of providing nail products. I even wore the cute ribbon that is super popular among Japanese girls on my head! I was all dressed up in that Japanese kawaii style that day. Did you girls know that i specially chose to wear a bright pink blazer as a form of reminder for the readers as well? 

Pink Room... Pink blazer... Kawaii pink ribbon... (hehes)

Alas, everything went rather smoothly and the interview was very casual and I remember having so much laughs! I think it's time for me to have a catch-up with Mr. Naoki too, I haven't seen him in so long. 

Well, if you want a scope about everything that happened at the Pink Room, grab a copy now at the Shoppink Room! Located at International Plaza #06-18, you'll see it as soon as you exit Tajong Pagar MRT Exit C! Till next time~ xoxo

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