Wednesday, April 23, 2014


It has been a while since I last met up with Eriko. When we had time and were together, we would have so much discussion about various nail art, nail techniques and nail tools in each other's country! I do miss her but I guess I'll just make do with the memory of our interview and features for now.

Both of us are featured in Japan's popular Nail Up! Vol.58 issue and in that article (see below), it describes our journey in the nail industry in detail. Coming from a little red dot, I am, of course, very honoured to be working with Eriko and getting featured in a Japanese magazine (not just any mag, but Nail Up!, which is pretty amazing!).

My journey in Singapore's nail industry has been a long and tedious one, making mistakes along the way and learning some valuable lessons from past mistakes. Alas, my hard work has paid off in the most unimaginable way and I'm thankful for all those who had came into my life and contributed to The Pink Room International Nail Academy. 

It was Easter Day last sunday and one of my student gave me this set of Easter Bunny ears and nose. It's super adorable and my staffs and I decided to put it up on our glass doors (HAHA)!!

On a much somber tone, I'm glad my students thought of me on Easter Day and got me such a cute deal. THANK YOU AL

#hugsandkisses #drownyouwithmylove

On a side note, I've been browsing through the web for all the latest nail art. I may be a principal, educator and a judge, but I'll still have to keep myself updated and on trend!

Anyway, I found this particular nail design which features an accent on just the ring finger and I'm in love with it. It is suitable for bridal nails, but if it were for daily wear, it's a soft and muted form of chic and hipster style. 

I'll definitely be pimping my ring nail with this design this weekend! ;)

The week ahead is still long since it's only the mid-week, but I'm looking forward to my overseas trip with my students for their international nail examination! [I hope they've been practicing hard!] From the bottom of my heart, I wish them all the best and let's have fun together on that trip!

#iaskforstrength #pinkroomnails

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mid-Week Blog (Break Time!)

Had a short break so I'm going to do a proper blog post now. 

This week is the so-called "workshops" week, conducting workshops after workshops and guiding our students to master a themed nail art. On Monday, I had the Gellish Manicure Class, teaching the techniques and precautions of using gel polish and on Tuesday and Wednesday, I was totally immersed in teaching the Melody Pro Nail Art Class~

Hehes, it was an afternoon of 'kawai'. 

Of course, being featured in Japan's Nail Up! latest issue (Vol.58) has the highlight of the week for me too! My good friend from Japan, Ms. Eriko, and I did an interview together and I even brought her around Singapore! It was a rare "day-out" for me where I finally managed to truly enjoy Singapore. I thank God that the weather then was all sunshine and breezy!

Eriko has always been very passionate about nail art just like me and we would always text each other about nail trends in Japan or Singapore, exchanging ideas and tips. It is also why when I wanted an international judge to be present at our Pink Room Cup, Eriko was my first choice!

Read more about our interview below or you can grab a copy of the magazine at Shoppink Room, located at International Plaza #06-18.

Finally, I'm really looking forward to the upcoming Open House next Monday! The previous one was really great and I got to meet ladies who are genuinely interested in nail art. There was even a lady from Indonesia, who committed to flying over to Singapore for half a year just to study with us! 

I am extremely touched and I vow that Pink Room do its best to train our students, xoxo. 

Well, it's only mid-week so I'm going to 'gungho' a bit more and push through till Saturday (Pink Room closes only on Sun)! Wishing strength and good luck to all those working hard on a Wednesday too!


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Friday, April 11, 2014


I love Fridays! It marks the beginning of my self-proclaimed, much needed, break! ;)

My past few days have been filled and occupied hour-to-hour (*cries a river*). But it is not without fun with my colleagues and my never-ending passion for nail art. Once again, I've seen so many of my students coming in and out for self-study and classes to further improve on their skills, i'm really touched by their determination. 

So hence, it is Friday (and the time to look back and reflect) and I do feel like the Will Smith in this picture:

Sharing a little of what Japan's Nail Up! has feature about Singapore and our local beauty industry:

Many girls (and foreigners, mainly Japanese ladies) have approached us for the Nail Up! magazine as it is really hard to get their hands on it. But from now on, it'll be readily available at Shoppink Room (International Plaza #06-18) and if you subscribe to Nail Up! right now, you'll get a free issue (Vol.57). 

Cheap deal, good deal ;)

Well, I guess the most memorable event that happened was the exclusive customized nail art class we've hosted for the ladies from Bobbi's Pole Studio! They are a group of bubbly and fun ladies who finished their session with a changed perception about nail art! 


Isabella (right) thought that nail painting was easy and she was so cute throughout the class, talking about giving up on her nails. I guess learning nail art really takes a lot of practice and can be hard for individuals with no prior experience. 

Not forgetting my invitation to Singapore's annual biggest fashion event which I attended last Saturday, Fashion Step Out 2014 (FOS2014)! Because I had my Gelly Tole Class that afternoon, I brought along a dress to change out and I'm so glad I decided to wear my mandarin red dress!

I met many fashionistas and designers during that night! Their models were strutting it and the fashion pieces are breathtaking! Due to this event, the street along Orchard is actually cordoned off and the traffic have to be re-directed, it was really an eye-opener watching the models walking up and down a usually busy road.

Fun aside, I'm still conducting nail art classes regularly and here's a peek of my Hi-5 Knit Seminar! The turnout was great and I'm glad to share my skill with them:

God has been good to me and it has been another pleasant week. I'm off for my break and i'll look forward to the next week, xo.

#pinkroomnails #peaceandlove

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Monday, April 7, 2014


Pink Room is REALLY buzzing this week. This coming Saturday (12 April 2014), we'll be throwing open our doors and inviting the public for a rare Pink Room Open house! 

On a side note, I cannot wait for the open house and it has been SO LONG (too long) since our last open house. This time, it'll be different as we'll be having our very special Nail Bar! If you guys are curious, come on down and experience it yourself ;) We're located at International Plaza #06-18, Exit C of Tanjong Pagar MRT.

Of course, I do wish that my graduates would come down too! So I can see them... 

Have you girls seen Eriko Kurosaki's interview with me? The Nail Up! editorial team approached us for an exclusive interview and there are more coming up in their coming May issue! 

Do support me and grab a copy at the Shoppink Room, located at Pink Room ;) And if you subscribe now, you're get the previous issue of Nail Up! free!

Not forgetting our beloved graduates, they are also featured on the Nail Up! Vol.57, namely the Juup Nails and The Nail Artelier. In the magazine, there is a detailed description of their salon as well as an interior shot. 

I still remember my surprise when they started their own salon, it was such a proud moment for me, knowing that my students have became independent professional nailists. Of course, there are more graduates from Pink Room that has started their own nail salons and i am equally proud of them. Maybe one day, we should all meet up and have a dinner together! Hehes...


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Thursday, April 3, 2014



Those dearies who have been keen to learn about the nail, or even wanting to start a career in nails... don't miss this open house as we will share with you how!

I will be there too to share about past experiences & stories~ we have our trainers there... And we have our PinkRoom graduates & competition winners who were trained by myself & Master Educator Joe Chua... you can talk to them on their experiences as a student of PinkRoom. What was the learning journey like... They will be more than happy to share on how PinkRoom and the trainers played a big big part in their life & success~~ 

So don't miss this chance the meet the friendly people of PinkRoom~ and the dedicated trainers & team who worked so hard to make all these possible. 

Everyone is welcomed! RSVP to reserve a seat!!

Call +65-62201592 
FB Private Message

For information, visit:

Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Do you girls still remember that i mentioned about being featured in the Japan's Nail Up? (If you don't: Well, it's out and here's the full story of my interview with TAT's president, Mr. Naoki Tanako:

Of course, this is not the original Japanese version, it's translated to English so it can be easier for you online prowlers to understand (just kidding). 

I remember being extra nervous that day as this interview could either make it, or break it. After going through so much discussion and negotiations, I really want TAT to be Shoppink Room's partner in terms of providing nail products. I even wore the cute ribbon that is super popular among Japanese girls on my head! I was all dressed up in that Japanese kawaii style that day. Did you girls know that i specially chose to wear a bright pink blazer as a form of reminder for the readers as well? 

Pink Room... Pink blazer... Kawaii pink ribbon... (hehes)

Alas, everything went rather smoothly and the interview was very casual and I remember having so much laughs! I think it's time for me to have a catch-up with Mr. Naoki too, I haven't seen him in so long. 

Well, if you want a scope about everything that happened at the Pink Room, grab a copy now at the Shoppink Room! Located at International Plaza #06-18, you'll see it as soon as you exit Tajong Pagar MRT Exit C! Till next time~ xoxo