Sunday, August 9, 2015

Judging for the PinkRoom Cup 2015

My lovely Judges from Japan~ Ms Kaneko, representative from the Japan Nailist Association (JNA) & Eriko. It was a long day for everyone as judging started as soon as the first floor competition ended at 11+am. 

The Judges worked very hard that day! よくやりました~~
There was 11 competition categories, for 5 different groups: PRINA student, PRINA junior, PRINA senior, OPEN student & OPEN professional.

The judging criteria is according to professional nail competitions. My years of judging in different countries and different scales of competitions gave me knowledge and expertise on coming up with our own unique judging system.

So color coordinated LOL~ Blue + Red = Purple. Everyone's all dressed up for the event.

So thankful for the brand new judging system that made the process easier. The marking went smoothly without a glitch. The Judges managed to record the scores in to the systems which quickly calculated the final scores. & even able to pick out the model number of those models who has not been scored. #veryownworldclasssystem

Apart from the floor competition, there was Nail tip submission judging as well. The competition had 3 different categories for the nail tip submission categories: Mixed Media Art, Flat Gel Art & Stone Deco Art.

Haha! Got caught on camera with Ms Kaneko~ I was sharing with her what's happening on stage. 


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