Tuesday, September 15, 2015



I love to wear a mask... think I got this habit after staying in Japan for so many years... The only place on earth that I can wear a mask without anyone thinking I am weird. 

Started coz I'm always mistaken as a "China-Chinese"... nothing wrong with that, but about 20 years ago, the Japanese does not exactly welcome the Chinese race. In fact, it was an outright dislike. 

My "China Chinese face" gave me a quite bad experience in those days. Itz like getting the door-slammed-in-your-face type of treatment from every single Japanese. 

Of coz, once they "realised" that I am Singaporean, they would usually treat me 360° different. But usually, it would never get to that stage. I would need to open my mouth to say something in English for them to realise. And usually, the rudeness and slamming of the door happens before I can go close enough to open mouth to say anything. 

I didn't know it was bcoz of my face.... until I started wearing a face mask. I started to notice the difference. They do not have the same reaction as if I'm not wearing a face mask.
It's a disgusting realization, but it made my life easier too.

Guess my eyes looks "normal"... and my "chi-na" face is covered up, so no one can tell I'm not Chinese if I dun open mouth to speak. Lol~ 

Anyway, thatz how I started liking to wearing a face mask. It is to avoid being treated like a cockroaches and being despised. 

Of coz things got better as we grow older... and your perspective of life and confidence grow with your age and "life-lessons".

I do not need to hide behind the face mask to avoid being judged and mistreated. 

But, nowadays, donning the face mask gives me a chance to not be recognized.
So i can take a breather from the expectations to behave in a certain way that our roles in the "norms" of society that we are supposed to conformed to. 

My race, age, status, gender, religion, image, etc. all these become the invisible reflections people perceived us to be... and what seemed to me, as my small "very-Rachel" actions, would sometimes traumatized those around me if I'm not careful. It is simply hilarious to me at times... #amusingmuch

Wearing a mask in Japan, it comforts me... I become invisible, people do not look at me when I'm wearing a mask, people do not know me when I'm wearing a mask... I can be myself. 

And I like that. 

ps/ I have a whole 'collection' of masks! Even the disposable ones comes in my types, shapes and sizes. 

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