Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Meeting the Judges

1st August 2015~ my lovely VIPs arrived at different times of the day. So excited to see all of them!! Our team made special arrangements to pick each one of them from the airport. To & fro multiple trips to the Changi Airport #notcomplaining #anythingfortheVIPs

Drove pass the NDP rehearsals~ and they were in awe by the sea of red and the majestic scale of the whole parade. One united nation~ at that point.... apart from the hot Sun, I feel a huge sense of patriotism.

Made our way to the hotel to check in~ then to the restaurant for a Judges meeting. This year's PinkRoom Cup, I've invited Eriko & Ms Miyuki, the representative from Japan's Nailist Association (JNA). So so so honored & happy with their presence. 

All went well despite the small tiny language barrier. Nail-language is the universal language between us. Appreciate everyone's hard work and seriousness throughout the whole meeting.


#professionalism #sg50nailsfestival #prcup2015 #behindthescene #bts #ネイル裁判官 #ネイル #ネイルコンテスト

Mini autography session took place after the meeting~ LOL. Judges singlehandedly, personally, lovingly, signed each and every piece of the PinkRoom Cup 2015 Certificate of Participation. So nice right??!! So much love from them... 


どうもありがとうございます~~ ^.^)/ ♡♡♡

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