Wednesday, August 5, 2015

PinkRoom Cup 2015 starts now~

This year's PinkRoom Cup nail competition was held within the SG50 N.A.I.L.S Festival; which was held in conjunction with the SG50 Singapore Golden Jubilee nationwide celebrations. 

For weeks prior to August 2nd~ the team worked non-stop to prepare for the event. Everyone from the front desk crew, to the marketing team, to the managerial level~~ so much planning was done. I'm so happy that everything went as planned. 辛苦大家了~! I think it's just the 10 of us... and we managed to put through this whole event. 

At 6am, my team was already at the event location - St James Power House. In a short 2-3 hours before the PinkRoom Cup registration started, every thing was ready in place. Tables ready, even with pink table cloth~ chairs for the competitors & their models. The banners, standees, directions, everything!

*** Spot the two men at both sides of the pole LOL~~~ ***
If you can't tell, it's our 文武雙全 Master Educator Joe Chua & our designer JJ.

#manpower Lucky we have guys in our team. Else imagine me & Nicole climbing T.T)/

K, I have to admit, at times like that... it's not only about #girlpower any more. #Teamworkftw

I'm so glad for my strong team! Everyone rough it out together to make this event a success. ♡♡♡

By 9am, PinkRoom Cup competitors started streaming in to register.

Started to see so many familiar faces appearing. Some took part in the past PinkRoom Cup too... even with the same nail models. Through times like this, you'll see the people who are really supportive of you.

By 10am~ everyone was in place. All set and ready for the competition. Ganbatte! がんばって!

Throughout the years, I've been nagging/advising/encouraging my students to take part in competitions. Only through nail competitions, a nailist will be able to challenge herself and bring her nail skills to a different level.

The anxiety, "kan-cheong-ness",  & of course the sense of achievement is different from passing an examination (hmm. yar, even though PinkRoom exam abit hard to pass). But let me tell you, it's all worth it! Especially if you put in your 110%, and get an award! That trophy will be a reminder of all your hard work.

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