Thursday, August 6, 2015

Stage time with Eriko~

This year's nail demo on stage was crazy!! St James's tech team did not set up the live feed as promised... I think that caused my in-charge and tech team to freak out! They were running around like ants on hot bricks... How to settle in such a short notice??!! How is everyone going to see the demo~ So in the end, the girls were invited on stage to see what Eriko & I did. 

The stage became free-entry for everyone to gather around to see the nail art. Extra privileges for all our visitors. Very quickly, Eriko & I was surrounded.

Us with our models~ Thankful to them for their time and bearing with our crazy schedules!

I was very ambitious and challenged to finish 5 nails on stage. In the end, I managed to finish the nail art for four nails.

These crazy sharp nails are called Stilettos Nails. It aims to elongate the fingers.

Somewhat similar to the nails seen on the Empress Dowagers in those old time dramas! Lol~ Not very practical for modern lifestyle. My model who came do do her nails 2 nights before, had trouble typing on her smartphone, and removing her contact lens. The Express Dowager don't have iphone~~

Eriko did a Japanese style sweet sakura nails. I did a Russian style nail art that I picked up on my trip to St Petersburg earlier this year.

Glad that everyone who came got to learn 2 new styles of nails. Wanted to do something different from Eriko so that you girls get to learn different techniques... Glad all turn out as I imagined. I hope that you girls enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!

It was like a déjà vu of the stage time with Eriko during the Pink Party Bash in 2013. I'll dig out some photos to #throwback soon!~

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