Wednesday, April 23, 2014


It has been a while since I last met up with Eriko. When we had time and were together, we would have so much discussion about various nail art, nail techniques and nail tools in each other's country! I do miss her but I guess I'll just make do with the memory of our interview and features for now.

Both of us are featured in Japan's popular Nail Up! Vol.58 issue and in that article (see below), it describes our journey in the nail industry in detail. Coming from a little red dot, I am, of course, very honoured to be working with Eriko and getting featured in a Japanese magazine (not just any mag, but Nail Up!, which is pretty amazing!).

My journey in Singapore's nail industry has been a long and tedious one, making mistakes along the way and learning some valuable lessons from past mistakes. Alas, my hard work has paid off in the most unimaginable way and I'm thankful for all those who had came into my life and contributed to The Pink Room International Nail Academy. 

It was Easter Day last sunday and one of my student gave me this set of Easter Bunny ears and nose. It's super adorable and my staffs and I decided to put it up on our glass doors (HAHA)!!

On a much somber tone, I'm glad my students thought of me on Easter Day and got me such a cute deal. THANK YOU AL

#hugsandkisses #drownyouwithmylove

On a side note, I've been browsing through the web for all the latest nail art. I may be a principal, educator and a judge, but I'll still have to keep myself updated and on trend!

Anyway, I found this particular nail design which features an accent on just the ring finger and I'm in love with it. It is suitable for bridal nails, but if it were for daily wear, it's a soft and muted form of chic and hipster style. 

I'll definitely be pimping my ring nail with this design this weekend! ;)

The week ahead is still long since it's only the mid-week, but I'm looking forward to my overseas trip with my students for their international nail examination! [I hope they've been practicing hard!] From the bottom of my heart, I wish them all the best and let's have fun together on that trip!

#iaskforstrength #pinkroomnails

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