Tuesday, March 25, 2014

NAIL ネイルUP! Vol.58

Gonna share about the behind the scene of the special feature of myself & 黒崎えり子 Eriko Kurosaki in the upcoming issue of the NAIL UP Magazine~ Nail Up is one of the best selling Japanese Nail Magazine worldwide! 

It's hard to expect the number of man-hours put into each article. I really admire the passion the magazine team has for their job. Going the extra mile to take photos, and getting the interview done. All the planning going on while we get ready for the photoshoot. 


Big thank you to the photographer for her patience as we kept changing our minds~ Checking if the photos are okay... the usual "look fat a not?", "aiyo, my hair so messy!".

One of the photos that I like alot! A photo in a photo~~ It's taken by one of the members from TAT Japan~ They visited us together with the magazine team. 


Part two after the photoshoot was the interview with the team~ imagine an interview in Japanese! I had to "dig" out all the Japanese vocabularies that I haven't used in a long while. 


Here with the VIP boss of the magazine team~ 
special thanks to him for making all these possible!


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