Sunday, January 3, 2010

Japanese Plastic Food ^.^

Happy New Year 2010! There's totally no time to upload the blog, the backlog is so hard to keep up..haha.

Here's a peek at my messy table. Also there's something that had been my fascination for a long time. You can see it next to Tinkle-Bell... yeap! The "delicious" strawberry ice-cream on cornflakes!

When I was in Japan last month, brought back a whole lot of "real desserts".

Adding to my already huge collection this time are: a strawberry+red bean parfait, ice-ka chang with condense milk, iced-cold beer and another full miniature sushi collection ...haha..

Well.. they looked real enough to eat! Totally made from resin & soft plastics, they are a feast to the eyes... The parfait, in all its creamy majesty, has a calorie count of precisely zero. That's because this parfait is not meant to be eaten, except with the eyes. It's a yummy example of another unique Japanese innovation -- replica food.

You can see them outside some Japanese Restaurants, to show customers just what kind of food the establishment offers. These kinds of replicas are rarely seen outside Japan, and they are known as a unique aspect of Japanese culture.

The cost is steep --starting from about 5,000 yen --no calories included, perfect for those on diet.. I also used them as references when creating the 3D nail art that we see in Fantasy Nails or Mixed Media Category.

Do not be mistaken that because the above parfait is made of plastic, that is why the strawberries looked so fake... in actual fact the real strawberries in Japan all looked so perfect that you'll think that they are unreal...the strawberries in the boxes below are what you see being sold on the streets.

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