Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Production Process of my Latest Nail Art Book

Was writing an editorial on the production process of my latest Nail Art Book: BongSoonga Sontop Volume 7. Juz thot that since I'm compiling all the materials for this article, I might as well use the same stuff for my Blog entry..haha..kill 2 birds with one tiny stone.. :pBack to the Production Process - ^.~
This volume 7 was unfortunately produced during the cold winter February month in Seoul, Korea. Thus, I really hated it coz it's so so so cold... i mean like for penguins type of cold, it was like about -10°C! But duh....come to think of it, Korea is always been cold; except for about 2 months in a year when the temperature goes above 20°C, the rest of the months are below 20°C. So their temperature for the year is = cold, very cold & freezing cold...haha!
Check out the cute footprints we made...Back to the Production Process - ^.~My messy work-space. I like to have everything laid out onto the table while I work, especially liked to keep all the color powders opened to cut wastage of time opening & closing the bottles... next to the table is a huge electric heater, it'z that cold..
Also, for this design, I wanted to do realistic fishes instead of "cartoon" ones..thus I made use of books & photos to give me a better reference for the sea creatures. Do they look real enuf?Below was my attempt to photograph a step-by-step process of the acrylic sculpture extensions. Glitter pink at the cuticles, followed by pastel matte pink; the extension sections are a mixture of blues & greens & whites... aka like the sea.
oh yar..I also added green & blue glitters to "beef" up the glam for the photographs.As you can see the step-by-step stopped at step 5...haha! coz the photo shoot was scheduled at 6pm & I only have less than 1 hour to finish all the nails before rushing to the studio.
Rushing to the studio in a cab, the model can only wear half of her winter jacket; coz the other sleeve cannot make it through due to the complicated nails... poor gal, she was so cold! I was also quite worried that the "fishes" would break from frequent e-brakes by the taxi-uncle..as usual, traffic jams are normal in seoul..we took about 45 mins to reach the studio...to be continued...
*coz I'm hungry for dinner oredi...haha! cheerios!

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