Monday, October 25, 2010

Korean's National Nail Competition Judging

Had been unable to post anything for the past weeks. 

Hope every one is happily looking forward to the winter & festive holiday season too! 

I am still in Korea now, had already finished the Compeition Judging for the Korean National Nail Competition and hanging loose for now...It is so cold yar... Would be posting some goodies & freebies in the next couple of days, so keep watch on this blog!

Anyway for now..just some behind the scenes views of the judging process. photos without my face. ...nooooo time to adjust the images lol...
my back view -
Judging in progress...
under the judging curtain view -
competitiors clearing the tables.
under the judging curtain view -
competitiors' models queing up for judging.
in front of me view -
Judging sheets! Korean..!

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