Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dainty Sweet Lace ~ with AngelPro Gelly Polish!

I had time a couple of months ago to complete some gelly-nailart designs using the brand I personally liked and had been using for the past 5 years. 

AngelPro's versatile capability for creating a wide range of different nailart effects is something I personally love... With just one gel system, I can make many effects and different type of looks; meaning that I do not need to buy a whole array of assorted brands for each different effect I want to create... Call me lazy... but I would rather keep everything simple and low cost. I found out that IT IS POSSIBLE to not spent too much money with this just this AngelPro brand that I am using for the past 5 years!! 

AngelPro's constant breakthrough for the best performance in quality, never fails to support my desire for creating excellent nail art at an affordable cost. Their latest Gelly Polish Nail System can be used like any typical paint. With the correct brush techniques, everyone can create deliciously beautiful nailart designs for our finger-tips.

This "translucent" lace effect is achieved using AngelPro's Gelly Polish #29(Black); the super vibrant pink is actually just 1 coat of #23(Pink), of course you can always do 2 coats for a stronger color. The "stitches" are also painted using one coat of their #47(White); bcoz of the intensity of their #47 white color, we use this #47 for all french manicure tips, just one layer is often sufficient. All these painting are completed using a nailart brush.

I would be posting more of these gelly nailart done with AngelPro's Gelly Polishes. They would be up on our school's facebook page over the next couple of days, so if you would like instant updates of our latest nailart, please click to follow our official fanpage: 

Hope you'll enjoy these eye-candies done using this heavenly gelly polish brand. 

Rachel Tang~ 
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