Monday, June 10, 2013

McDonald's Week 2~~ Hello Kitty x Little Red Riding Hood

"Once upon a time… 
There was a little girl who lived in a village near the forest… 
The little girl wore a red riding cloak, so everyone called her Little Red Riding Hood…"

McDonald's Hello Kitty Fairy Tales~ Best performing Angelpro Gelly Polish! 
I love the intense colours! And how the colours matches the Wizard of Oz Hello Kitty~

I've used GP147 for the Red riding cloak, GP18+GP20 for the bow on her cloak, GP47 the super whitest white for the face, GP29 for all the black outlines done on the nailart!

Other colors used: GP20 [Sun], GP25 [Sky], GP143+GP47+GP29+GP33[Bird], GP145+GP31 [Tree], GP147 [Apples] 

Check out the previous Wizard of Oz nailart here~

Hope you've enjoyed the nail art~ 
It's posted on our PinkRoom Fanpage too! Feel free to share it with your friends!

 with love,
Rachel Tang 

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