Friday, September 6, 2013

Mотанки~ Traditional Ukrainian Happy Dolls

Mотанки or Motanka in English is the Traditional Ukrainian Dolls.

Our hosts in Ukraine brought us to DIY our very own doll~~ I guess, she reckoned that "Nails people" are art & craft people!

Beliefs About the Motanka
• Ancient Ukrainian motankas had strong ritual meaning – a girl looking for a groom would make her motanka while singing wedding songs.
• A motanka would be given to a child whenever he or she got sick. Ukrainians used to believe that the doll would take away the illness. 
• There was a time when Motankas could be found in almost every Ukrainian home – it was believed that they protected the house. 

This is the head...

The head attached to the body...

And done~!! My very own Motanka...

Day 1 in Ukraine~ and I'm having fun! 
Looking forward to Nailympics Ukraine tomorrow.

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