Sunday, March 22, 2015

Our Father, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

Master Joe's gel-handpainting of Mr Lee some time ago~ time flies quickly... hearing his health condition now sadden me.

I understand the #cycleoflife... but I am still praying that he would be able to pull through and get well enough to discharge from hospital and go home to rest instead.

To be surrounded by family and loved ones at home is something I am praying for him right now.
Mr Lee, Thanx you for everything you had done for Singapore... everything good, everything bad, because it is these combination of good and bad that made Singapore who we are today.. A small red-dot country, that at the very least is a place I find comfortable to live as a human being as compared to many other places I had visited. It might not be all perfect, but it is perfect for me... For that, I am personally very thankful.

#pleasegetbetter #dischargeandgohome #besurroundedbylovedones #thankyouLKY #getwellsoonLKY #pinkroomnails

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