Saturday, October 24, 2009


Exciting platform for the exchange of techniques and skills from all parts of the whole, from Russia,China,Taiwan,Malaysia and Singapore .

We were proud to to be invited to represent Singapore in this exchange seminar. The taiwanese are so passionate learners!! ^.^ They had never seen such detailed 3-dimensional arcylic embossed crafted inside such paper-thin design sculpture. There is not much empahsis on the correct & perfect sculpture in Taiwan. They are totally wow by our singapore nails quality!!







 Representatives from Russian demostrated the arcylic nail extensions using clear & colored powder. The centre portion, which is in grey color polish, is actually clear colored arcylic powder. Nail polish can be colored to cover the clear arcylic, thus customers can change their nail polish colors all the time to suit their moods. This is very popular design in Russia now


 demostration by nail compeition winner. Using pre-cut mask & serverl airbrush guns. Different techniques from us in Singapore. She owns her own salon & I think she looks very cute.



 representatives is mostly folk art painting on arcylic or gel nails extensions using colorful designs.


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