Sunday, October 25, 2009


Taiwan's International Nail Competition. I'm invited to be on the Judging Panel, it is a curtain Judging. I like that fact, as this is the most fair method of judging till date.

This competition is very disciplined, starts & end as time stated on the official time schedule board. The recent Nail Asia 2009 Competition needed to learn from this, the extra 10 minutes for their French Sculpture Extension Category is a total shocked to everyone; not to mentioned the fact that the extra time was announced during the minute that time was supposed to be up.

Back to Taiwan's Nail Competition, I saw many life-liked 3D mixed media art. Also, the nail art from Russia was so finely drawn. It was an eye-opener and good platform for exchange. The taiwaness nailist works very closely with their product distributors to advance their industry.
We had agreed to bring nailist from Singapore to participate in their competition next year.



Judge Committee Meeting... There's difference in judging standards that needed to be straighten out before the actual nail





















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