Monday, November 9, 2009

Nail Exchange with Hong Kong - Int'l Nail Competition

N.A.I.L.S was invited to participate in the Nail Competition organised by Hong Kong Professional Nailist Union. It is their 2nd Int'l Nail Competition. We've brought along participants from Singapore to take part & support.

Our Singapore team comprises of nailist from singapore, malaysia, china & japan!! There was also a Japanese team from

Japan that participated too!!


As you can see, it is also curtain judging for this competition. We saw some very good nails for the French Twist Category & French Sculpture Category, it was a very close fight for the winners

The Salon Success was also participated by many contestants as participants need not finish one hand prior to the competition. For Design Sculpture, participants need complete one hand prior to the competition, making it an easy win for the participants due to the reduced number of contestants.

competitions; as judging is mainly done on the nails done on the day of the competition. It would also encourage overseas contestants to participate too, allowing for easier hand-model allocation.






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