Saturday, November 30, 2013

I love my BB, still.

A quick pix with Eriko-san while waiting for the start of the judging session!!~~ This was taken in Korea, judging for the Nailympics Asia Nail Competition.

As much as I love my BB (Blackberry), I must admit that I cannot hide my love for Sumsung for it's front camera~~ #myBBcannot! Hurhur~ I know... I am probably the only person in the near 500km who is using a Blackberry. But it's really fast in the push mail service! I'm always first to receive emails compared to Apple and Android users~

......But I also understand that the world is changing now. And everyone is on Facebook and Instagram and all. Thus the decision few months ago to get a Sumsung. Now I take chio photos too!!

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