Saturday, December 7, 2013

Nailympics Asia 2013

Its time again for the Nailympics Asia 2013 held in Korea, Seoul~~~ I have been flying to Seoul yearly to judge at nail competitions since 2007 and I really love this place. Good delicious food for the food lover in me, cheap & good skincare and makeup, good-quality fashionable clothes everywhere and of cause, this is the land where all the trendy 'Hallyu' stars came from. But most importantly, Korea is also a place where the nail industry is thriving and producing many top nailists.

Same as every year, PinkRoom have been organizing school trips to Korea for students to experience in take part in competitions. Pinkroom family love~ I always encourage students to participate in prestigious competitions like Nailympics because the experience gained is so much more when competing with international nail students. Okay on with the pictures~

Checking in our baggage.

A quick snap with 3 of the ladies that went to take part in the competition.

Judges meeting before the competition. I did a lot of catching up with my friends from overseas. It is like a big gathering where all the nail lovers and experts come together for a great cause.

So many students from all over the world participated and filled the hall.

Hello PinkRoom team & their models~~ Fighting!!

 All of the judges hard at work!

Here's what's happening behind the Judging curtains... 
Look! In red, two seats on my left, is Nailympics Head Judge Lysa Comfort~ 


Very tasking job because of the number of participants... but the judges will still continue to judge fairly no matter how taxing and tired we are! We continue to uphold the standards and fair judging of these nail competitions. This is extremely important as one single mark difference will determine the winner and the runner up!!

A happy me because i love nails and judging~ 

Judges waiting patiently for the award's ceremony to start. I've got the front seat!!

Presenting awards to the competitors who practiced so hard and won. Congratulations!

Judges receiving our certificate of appreciation for judging.

Judges picture time! 

It's yet another successful nail event!! And I'm proud to be part of it!

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