Sunday, January 26, 2014

∞ 11.1.14 RIP Momo ∞

It's been 2 weeks since Momo left us. Our house is different without him around~ On my last trip to Japan, I bought a pendant to commemorate MoMo. Itz something for me to feel him close while we move on with our lives... ♡ 

I've read everyone's comment on my previous post on Facebook and it really touched my heart & gave me much emotional support during this dark period of mine. Thank you from my heart~

Comments thtz negative should be kept to oneself, & not rub salt into someone's wound at such an inappropriate time. Especially by those who do not know the full story of what had happened. That's another story for another time~

∞ 11.1.14 RIP Momo ∞
You would always be missed & loved.

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