Monday, January 27, 2014


I've been keeping a secret for a long long time....... and finally I can share it!

Singapore will be featured in one of the BIGGEST nail magazine in Japan, namely
NAIL ネイルUP! Magazine~

Yes, the magazine that you see in salons all the time! The ones that "nail people" refer to for nail art and to find out about latest news & product launches.

It was a very very rare chance to be featured in any nail magazine in Japan, let alone, NAIL ネイル UP!~ It was in the talks for quite some time... discussions after discussions on what was to be featured. It was also one of the reason why I had been traveling to Japan quite often recently.

Finally, the magazine is coming out soon~~ and I can share this great news with you girls! During the Pink Party Bash last November, the Japan magazine reporter team came down to Singapore to do an exclusive coverage so as to feature our event and the TAT Singapore grand opening on the coming issue of Nail Up magazine.

The team also came to visit our school campus & The Shoppink Room TAT SG to check out the place, and they were impressed! #happy~

I love this picture the most. It was taken during an interview with Nail TAT Japan's CEO, Mr Takano-san that happened right after the Pink Party Bash (yes, we were still in St.James Powerstation) . Look at how much fun and engagement we had with each other! This goes to prove that language is never a barrier~ Even though we had to converse via a translator, we managed to make friendship and build trust.

 Mr Takano-san & I were interviewed about our collaboration thoughts. It is definitely my privilege to be interviewed together with him. He is such an incredible warm person. Everyone in TAT Japan look up to him as he takes care of everyone just like his family member.

The feature that will be out in this month's issue of ネイル UP! (volume #57) would be five pages long. I've seen the draft, and I'm so excited to show your girls the final product!! It will be covering TAT Singapore's Grand Opening, The Pink Room International Nail Academy, Pink Party Bash, popular nail salons in Singapore, local delicacy (yesss... chicken rice was one of them), place of interests and more! 

I sure all the nailists in Singapore & neighboring countries are thankful for Shippink Room's collaboration with TAT Japan as we can finally have Japanese brands of nail product easily available in Singapore. Nail technicians/students no longer have to grumble and complain to me about having to pay high price to import the products from Japan resellers, who usually mark up the price & shipping & handling fees.

More behind the scene photos taking during the interview....

I am so delighted to be THE ONE to share this awesome news to all the nailists in our Lion City ='( I know how it feels cause I'm a nailist myself... and been towing in this industry for 10 years~~ it's like a dream come true! #很感动 ~T.T)/
Our tiny red dot, SINGAPORE シンガポール is finally mentioned on the best selling NAIL MAGAZINE in JAPAN!!

Saying that, I would really like to thank TAT NAil Shop JAPAN & the Nail Up Magazine Team for setting aside time to come down to our Pink Party Bash, covering the event and giving us so much support & love!

I truly appreciate their efforts for making all the arrangements & efforts to come to Shoppink Room/TAT SG to take photos of the products, covering the interview of TAT CEO Mr Takano-san & me, going to PinkRoom students' salons and covering SG food and places of interest...... and not forgetting to have a little fun with the team.

KUDOS to both TAT NAil Shop JAPAN & the Nail Up Magazine Team to make this big collaboration feature happen! ♡♡♡

Here's a preview of the interview~~

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